Madrid, 1985

Currently working in Barcelona, where I live, and worlwide. (co-founder)



2010-12     MBArch Architectural Renovation and Conservation (UPC)

2007-12     BA Art and Designat Escola Massana, Barcelona

2003-09    BArch + MArch at Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB),

                  Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).



2016      Goldsmiths University of London Shortcourse“Curating the Contemporary” at English Academy in Rome.

2011      photography course at Ruido formación, Barcelona

2011      documentary photography course at Phacto Lab, Barcelona

2010      Selected for Experimental design course in Inocuo the sign studio, Barcelona

2009      3D Max Studio course

2009      Lecture series “Building with words” in the CCCB, organizad by ETSAB (UPC)

2008      llustrator and Indesigncoursefor Fashion Design Felicidad Duce school, Barcelona

2006      Interior Design summercourse in Florencia, through the agency Studiaenitalia.



2016      Co-founder andarchitect at Chillidafrancoy

2016       Event Production - AM: Campegini Campus, Les Fontaines

2015-16  Architect at Estudi Pulsen, Barcelona. 

2014        Event Project Manager : SOLEAD 10    (SOGETI company)

2012-14   Organization, production, programming of all the promo events for the documentary BCN, ¿sello                                              discográfico?

2012-14    Coorporative image and photography of the documentary BCN, ¿sello discográfico?

2012-14    Codirection, coscriptwritter y coproducer of the documentary BCN, ¿sello discográfico?

2013–14   Events planner at Amperson Consulting, Barcelona

2012-13    Architect in Arquitectura-G Studio, Barcelona

2012          Internship in SalasStudio, Barcelona

2011          Internship inBall-Nogues Studio , Los Angeles, EEUU

2010          Internship inFOB Architects, Kyoto, Japan

2009-10    Internship in Arquitectura-G Studio, Barcelona       

2009-10    Scholarship in curating exhibitation in Escola Massana, Barcelona       



2011       Refurbishment of an apartment in Eixample districtof Barcelona,adapted for disabled people. (change os              use          from offices to home

2011        Interior remodelationof a disused area in a single house in Bolea, Huesca

2014         Refurbishment of a house in Barbastro, Huesca. (refurbishment, interior design and decoration project)

2015–16   Refurbishment of an apartment at District Born, Barcelona



2012        Looc, Madrid. Digital magazine of trends, fashion, culture… (

2012         DJ MAG, electronic music digital magazine (photography)

2012         Designer atEast Enderfestival 2012, Barcelona

2011-12    La Sussie mag.  Digital magazine specializing in music, art and design

2009-10   Design editor in digital magazine, Carab mag, specializing in music, art and design

2011          Ball-Nogues Studio: Yucca Crater, Near 29 Palms, California, EEUU

2011          Ball-Nogues Studio: Talus Dome,  Edmonton, Canadá



2014      In- Edit Festival Barcelona: documentary BCN, ¿sello discográfico?: finalists

2012      ArchMedium, Paris Market Lab

2012      AC-CA, Amsterdam, Iconic Pedestrian Bridge

2011      Europan 11

2011      ArchMedium, Viena House of Music (WHOM)

2010      Grant Arquia 2010 “double surface and triple volume”: 1st selection

2010      Habitacola prices 2010: temporary housing module (FAD): finalists

2009      Jump the gap (Roca international): finalists



2009      Photography serie Amarillo, Resaurante Flor, Huesca

2010       Photography serie Amarillo, Bar Berheads, Barcelona

2011       Video Art for Pantalla Global project, CCCB, Barcelona

2014       BCN, ¿sello discográfico? … in pics, Discos Paradiso, Barcelona