Architect, Designer, Visual Artist, Events Planner and Producer, but above all I am a *creative* and a hardworker person trying to make dreams come true.

*Usually I am an architect: I am an architect. I graduated at Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (etsaB) in July 2009. Also I got a degree of Arts and Design at Escola Massana (Barcelona) and a Master in buildings' restoration and refrubrishment at UPC . I combined these studies with architectural internships at Arquitectura-G (Barcelona), FOBArchitects (Kyoto) and Ball-Nogues Studio (Los Angeles), here we did the design but also built up all the artistic structures).

 * and It used to be and sometimes it is… : I have also worked as an architect and interior designer in Salas Estudio and in Arquitectura-G (again) in Barcelona. My last years I have been working in restoration and interior design in housing as freelance. I love the space, exterior and interior, the space as stage where everything happens inside it.

 *but“once a upon a time” my dream came true: since I was little I loved to organize all type of events: all my friends’ birthdays with different themes, welcomes and farewell parties, and a lot of events that I used to make up just to organize them and join my friends and close people. My last years I have been working in organization and production events where I have also designed part of the ephimeral spaces and its decoration where the events took place. So I have had the pleasure to live the real truth of events and I really love it! This daily stress gives me energy. One of the companies I worked in was a small one with some big events and short budgets what means, you work it out as you can! And I really enjoy that: think and [re]think for the best result with the less you have.

 *I love work in team: In past years I have been involved with different partners in various contests, being a finalist on two occasions: Jump the Gap 2009, a Roca International Competition and Habitácola awards2010, organized by Arquinfad. I also collaborate in East Ender electronic music festival 2012 designed a proposal for the VIP space and the infographics. Last year I worked in an electronic music festival in Barcelona , Cau D’Orella, where I designed the image and also I have been part of the organization and production team.

 * I love & believe [in] the moment: I am also a photographer who love to “steal” a moment, a face, a thought, etc.

Concurrently, my last two years, also, I was doing a documentary “BCN, ¿sello discográfico?”, a film about the existence of a local “scene” of electronic music in Barcelona. This is a tour of the city, a tour through the key, exploring the opinions of people involved in this electronic circuit, from music journalists to artists and record labels. It is an audiovisual portrait of a moment that the specialized press has already tried to baptize in one or another way. For that, and as the own title points out, the film proposes a parallelism between the city and a record label.  We were selected for In-Edit Festival. All the promotional events and the corporative image was organized and designed respectively by myself.

 * I live for create: and this is why you need me. Create is my passion. Every Project is a challenge which I need to resolve the best way I can. Sometimes It is look like I am resting but my mind never stops. So I am a creative, hard worker and perfectionist person who besides architecture, loves art, design and photography.  I am also an open-minded person in the process of training so I am open to all.

 *I´m really looking forward to see you soon: Isabel Francoy

 *p.s. [my wish]:  keep creating, learn as much as I can absorb and give the best of me.